Clinical Efficacy Of Homeopathic Remedy “Arnica Montana”: A Systematic Review
IJHCAM Volume 2 Issue 1 - Cover


Arnica Montana
Clinical efficacy of Arnica Montana
Randomized placebo controlled clinical trials on Arnica Montana



Homeopathic Arnica Montana is a safe and effective remedy for a variety of health issues especially post-traumatic swelling, pain and bruises. This remedy has been widely used since long for ecchymosis after injuries. Many studies have shown the clinical significance of Arnica Montana as a first-line remedy for traumatic complaints. Thus, the main purpose of this review was to evaluate the clinical efficacy of Homeopathic “Arnica Montana”


A computerized, detailed literature search was carried to find clinical research articles. Pub Med, Google Scholar, Medline, Thieme-E-Journal, Science Direct, NCBI, and Sci-Hub search engines were searched to find the related articles. Human based full-length clinical research papers were identified while animal studies, pilot studies, review articles, opinion papers, and only abstracts were excluded. All double-blinded randomized placebo controlled prospective observational clinical research articles were added in it.


Total 65 articles were studied extensively for this review. Irrelevant, duplicate, and unconcerned articles were removed. Total 25 articles were selected for this systematic review. Out of 25 clinical research papers, 18 clinical trials showed marked improvement either with Arnica Montana single or in combination with other homeopathic medicines. While seven clinical studies did not prove a satisfactory significance of Arnica Montana


This systematic review has shown the clinical significance of Homeopathic Arnica Montana as an effective remedy for injuries and bruises. However, in some studies, Arnica did not give beneficial results but these studies should be evaluated on a more scientific basis. More randomized placebo controlled clinical trials are required to prove clinical safety and efficacy of Arnica Montana.


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